INSP!R, the International Network for Social Protection Rights.  

Social protection is a human right that helps fight poverty and exclusion, all over the world

INSP!R defends the ideal of universal social protection

Social protection for all needs the support of the political & economic actors and the civil society

INSP!R, a specific focus on gender, youth and informal workers

Protect people’s rights, prevent negative impact from the hazards of life, promote better living conditions
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The objective of INSP!R is to contribute to universal social protection and to claim the leading role of civil society in the implementation of national, comprehensive and widely supported social protection policies. 

Key principles for successful social protection policies:

We follow a rights-based approach (anchored in national, regional and/or international regulations);

The actors of the network manage a combination of several measures (prevention, protection, promotion) to provide benefits (in cash and/or in kind) to individuals; 

INSP!R encourage the effective participation of multiple stakeholders (State, civil society, private sector) to permanently transform the existing policy; 

The need for multiple sources to ensure sustainable funding is crucial (national and international); and a life-cycle approach (from birth to death).

Target groups


The objective of the INSP!R network is to give civil society and trade unions a voice for the social protection of all people around the world. It is therefore based on the combined action of grassroots organisations targeting different vulnerable groups of the population: