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INSP!R : from local experience to intercontinental approach 


All the partner organisations in the network share a common conviction, forged from their field experience with their members and target populations: the importance of defending the right to social protection for all. The diversity of this network is its strength: trade unions, mutual health organisations, women's, youth or elderly organisations, social economy initiatives, etc. It is this multi-actor approach that gives the network its legitimacy.


But if these organisations and the people they represent are to be able to carry their weight in favour of universal social protection, their scope of influence must undoubtedly be extended.


Create links between organisations in the same country, to have a national scope. Build on the struggles in neighbouring countries to defend a continental approach. Finally, connect continental multi-actor networks to organise joint work at intercontinental level under the banner of the right to social protection. 


The members of the international INSP!R network have grouped themselves into national networks in the members' countries.


In order to strengthen their weight and power, these national networks later regrouped into continental networks:


INSP!R Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Bolivia 

  • Dominican Republic 

  • Guatemala 

  • Peru 



  • Bangladesh 

  • Cambodia 

  • India 

  • Indonesia 

  • Philippines

  • Nepal 


INSP!R Africa

  • Benin 

  • Burkina Faso 

  • Burundi

  • DR Congo 

  • Guinea (Conakry) 

  • Mali 

  • Rwanda 

  • Senegal 

  • Togo 


INSP!R Europe

  • Belgium