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INSP!R: from local experience to intercontinental approach

All the member organisations of the network share a common conviction, forged from their field experience with their members and target populations: the importance of defending the right to social protection for all.
But in order for these organisations and the people they advocate to stand up for universal social protection, it is undeniably necessary to broaden their scope of influence.
Create links between organisations in the same country, to have a national reach. Build on struggles in neighbouring countries to defend a continental approach. Finally, connect the continental multi-actor networks to organise joint work at the intercontinental level under the banner of the right to social protection.

The INSP!R continental networks

Each continental INSP!R network is the initiative of multi-actor national networks gathering:

  • mutual health organisations
  • socio-educative movements
  • socio-cultural organizations
  • solidarity and social economy networks
  • trade union organizations
  • decentralized funding bodies
  • groups of farmers' organizations
  • women, youth or elderly organizations
  • strategic partners and relevant stakeholders in the continent.

Each of these social movements is aimed at a specific target group and has its own specificities, which contributes to the network’s richness and legitimacy. The INSP!R network in the continent acts as a platform for consultation and exchange, thematic learning and common political action, in order to promote universal and inclusive social protection.


is the initiative of 9 multi-actor national networks formed in Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Togo, Senegal, Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

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is the initiative of 6 multi-actor national networks formed in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Indonesia, the Philippines and Cambodia.

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Latin America & The Caribbean

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