Injury Time – Stories of Migrant Workers in Qatar

ILO Migrant worker Qatar 2011 - Flickr
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In 2010 the FIFA World Cup 2022 was awarded to Qatar. In Qatar there are more than 2 million migrant workers, many of them coming from Nepal and India. Construction workers, domestic workers, drivers, hotel staff, fishermen, … Majority of them have been working in slavery-like conditions and housing in squalid, overcrowded labour camps. Until 2020, under the Kafala system, migrant workers were subject to their sponsor’s approval to go back home or to change jobs, which led to many abuses.

For many years the international labour movement has been campaigning against these practices.

In 2017 an agreement was reached in the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

The State of Qatar agreed to put in place labour reforms to better protect the migrant workers.

GEFONT Nepal, NDWM India, WSM and ACV-CSC BIE are glad to present to you ‘Injury Time – Stories of Migrant Workers in Qatar’. This video documentary, directed by Hom Karki for Katha Nepal, a Nepal based production house which has previously produced the documentary ‘Bruise of Qatar’, tells you the stories of Nepali and Indian workers, looking for a better life beyond the border.