INSP!R is active at intercontinental level: actions taken in 2021 and 2022

Activity report 2021 2022 INSP!R
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The INSP!R network's activity report 2021-2022 at intercontinental level is out! In addition to the actions successfully carried out in recent months at political level and in terms of exchanges and knowledge-sharing on the rights to social protection, discover the network's international outlook and ambitions for the future. You'll also find a useful list of all 166 members. Ideal if you want to get in touch with a member near you.

This report shows that INSP!R is more vital than ever. Today, 71% of the world's population has little or no access to social protection. Yet social protection is not a privilege, it's a human right. It is also the best insurance against inequality, poverty and exclusion. It is to guarantee this right to social protection for all that 166 social movements in 20 countries in Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, Asia and Europe are joining forces within the International Network for Social Protection Rights, INSP!R.

Linking up as a network gives us the means to share our experiences and learn from each other, to strengthen the visibility of what we stand for, and to defend this ideal together. INSP!R was officially born in 2019, but its history goes back 15 years, when the idea emerged of working in synergy with a variety of actors from all over the world. Comprising trade unions, NGOs, women's/youth/seniors movements and various associations, INSP!R aims to be a key interlocutor on this theme with the various political and associative stakeholders. Together, we are building a better future where everyone can claim their right to universal social protection.